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Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC

Our Services

Our services are personally tailored to ensure your success. Whether you're a multinational conglomerate, a small business, or a high net-worth individual, Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC will make your objective our objective.


Proactive Services

From employee training to security testing and capability advancement, Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC understand what it takes to take your organization to the next level. With our proactive services, Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC will ensure your success.


Objective Achievement

Whether you're a multinational conglomerate, a small business, or a high net-worth individual, Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC will ensure the achievement of your objectives as well as your overall success. Allow us to make your objectives our objectives and ensure your success.


Reactive Services

Being hacked is not about if it's about when. With Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC's reactive services, you can make a swift recovery from attack, ensure business continuity, and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Are We For You?

In today's massively inter-connected, global, economy financial success depends on processing capital and other assets through a series of agencies, regulatory bodies, and networks. Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC's wide-spread experience and deep understanding of fraud detection, industry compliance, and asset security makes us a perfect fit for organizations working withing the financial industry.

From HIPAA regulation to the trust of your patients, securing PHI is at the heart of success within the medical industry. With the help of our CHPSE certified HIPAA privacy and security experts, both you and your patients can rest assured knowing that your PHI is stored, transferred, and created in a system that goes far beyond simple compliance of HIPAA standards and regulations.

We understand the struggle that comes with utilizing IT to it's maximum potential in a small business. With Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC you can worry less about how your infrastructure works and more about how your infrastructure can move you to the next level.

Public sector entities require constantly updated intelligence and information security to perform their financial, defense, and political functions. With Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC's ability to maximize infrastructure capability, combined with our cutting edge testing and analysis techniques, we can ensure the success of even the most complex situations quickly and efficiently.

In this technologically advanced era, law firms increasingly rely on advanced forensics, deep due diligence, and investigative intelligence to prosecute offenders, and succeed in litigation campaigns or lawsuits. With the help of our highly experienced cyber security investigators, researchers, and engineers, Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC can ensure your success.

High net-worth individuals face a number of challenges from litigation to reputation management and negative media campaigns. Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC's deep due diligence, negative campaign discovery, and reputation management services will allow you to focus more on advancing your personal brand rather than protecting it. With Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC you can be sure that your objectives are our objectives.


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