Proactive Services

Be Prepared.


Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC will keep you ready for anything. From cyber attack, to internal threats, our proactive services will ensure your preparedness. 


With our advanced training and infrastructure optimization services, Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC will keep you in the seat of competitive power and at the head of your industry.


Success comes to those who are ready for it. With our proactive services, Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC will prepare you for any possible future.

Our Proactive Services

Human Element Training and Testing

No matter how secure your infrastructure is, it only takes one quick phone call or one missed badge-swipe to compromise your entire organization. With our Human Element Training and Testing service, Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC will take your employees and turn them into security-minded watch dogs. From the front desk to the incident response team, security training and social engineering assessments are vital for every organization's success.

Multi-System Security Audit

Being hacked is not about if, it's about when. Through our Multi-System Security Auditing, Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC will comprehensively search through your infrastructure and applications to find, document, patch, and mitigate any vulnerabilities or potential threats to your organization's data. 

Infrastructure Optimization

Your IT Infrastructure is the key to pushing your organization toward the cutting edge. With our Infrastructure Optimization service you can outprocess, outsecure, and outdo your competition with ease. Let Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC ensure your organization's success.

Secure Data Hosting

From application back-ends to secure data storage, Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC's secure data hosting service will take your information and host it behind a series of controls, encryption protocols, and security services. From AWS to standalone servers, Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC will ensure the safety and security of all your data.

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